La Magia de sus Pintores (The Painter’s Magic)

La Magia de sus Pintores - Nuance Galleries
La Magia de sus Pintores – Nuance Galleries

By Elexis J. Fernandez Rubio Navarro and Rosendo Romero Suarez

This book is the first book to bring together the most representative works and artists of Cuba’s earliest settlement. Baracoa founded in 1492 by Christopher Columbus was the first capital, but because of it’s isolation from the rest of the country by a mountain range was replaced by Santiago. Yet the beauty of this city has always attracted writers, poets and artists. Among the artists in the book Nuance represents Guillermo Orlando Piedra Labanino, Jeho Rodriguez Saname, Roel Caboverde Llacer, and Mildo Matos Carcases. One of the authors Rosendo Romero Suarez visited Nuance last July 2015 and shared the challenges of the arts in Cuba and the amazing talent of this region. The book was published by the Friendship Association a non-profit organization based in St. Augustine that works to support good relationships with artists from Cuba and the US. This December, Tampa artist Taylor Ikin and Sarasota artist Jean Blackburn will be part of an exhibition honoring Cuban artist Rogelio Martinez in Guantanamo, Cuba organized by the Friendship Association. This book is one of the ways they support the arts of Cuba. It is for sale at Nuance Galleries for $25