Karen Pecora

Karen Pecora Bio:

Karen Pecora PainterAwakening the eye to nature and revealing its simple beauty and marvelous diversity, is this artist’s pleasure in painting. To take what is seen in nature and translate it into an enduring image on canvas or paper requires an artist’s feel for shape, texture, light, and color. Share her vision. Revel in the singular moments of nature, whether beach, water, estuary, plant life or wild creatures, captured by the imagination of this artist.

This artist has exhibited throughout the United States, including the National Watercolor Society show, American Watercolor Society show, Florida Watercolor Society show and various galleries in South Florida, primarily Miami, Naples and Tampa. She is currently represented by Nuance Galleries, Tampa. Her work includes watercolor, oils(alkyds) and acrylics. Articles about her have been published in American Artist Magazine. Sadly, she passed away in 2011.  read more…